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A Year of Gratitude

Posted by on February 25, 2019

I ended 2018 with a very deep sense of gratitude. A thought that constantly crossed my mind was, “I am so incredibly blessed!” Gratitude is a wonderful attitude to possess. It automatically puts you in a good mood and it’s impossible to possess gratitude without also possessing joy! I finished 2018 full of so much gratefulness and joy! I have so much to be grateful for as I reflect on what God has done in my life and ministry this past year. Here’s just some of the amazing things I thank God for in 2018:

I had an amazing time connecting with my support base in the US in January & February! Every church I visited seriously made me feel like a rockstar! I left each church with a full heart, overwhelmed with gratitude for their amazing support and encouragement. These are the kind of supporters that every missionary wants to partner with and I felt more empowered to do what God has called me to do. I was also very impressed with how many of you were willing to try a mophane worm!

Some brave kiddos from Lord of Harvest Church in Los Angeles, CA snacking on mophane worms!

I thank God for being able to celebrate two important milestones last year: (1) In May, our church, Light of the World Church, celebrated its 25th anniversary, which we commemorated by hosting a special conference. It was such a blessing to hear so many wonderful testimonies of how people came to know the Lord through our church. I am honored and privileged to be a part of a ministry that has had, and continues to have, a longstanding impact in this nation. (2) The 28th of July marked my 6th year of having moved to Botswana. What a journey it has been! It has not been without its challenges, but it has been the happiest 6 years of my life! Life can’t get more FULL when you are living out God’s good, pleasing and perfect will.

My fav photo of 2018 – having fun with my youth on our mission trip in South Africa!

I thank God for wisdom, direction and growth in our youth ministry last year. The highlight of last year was definitely our mission trip to Johannesburg, South Africa. It was the first mission trip for our youth, and for most of them, their first time to travel outside of Botswana. It was an incredible experience, and this definitely won’t be our last mission trip! I believe that each of us came back a different person – more confident in allowing God to use us and more conscious of the ways He wants to use us. Some photos from the trip below!

School Ministry

Hospital Ministry

Homeless Outreach

Our team with our hosts in township of Soweto

I thank God for so much progress on our church building. There was so much eagerness and motivation from our church last year to give towards our building project. The completion of this building will mean so much in expanding the reach and effectiveness of our ministry. We are also so excited to have planted two new churches last year – one in Botswana’s capital city of Gaborone and another in Ndola, Zambia! Some photos below!

Church building progress

Light of the World Church in Ndola, Zambia

Light of the World Church in Gaborone, Botswana

I am so grateful for God’s amazing provision this past year! After moving into my own place the end of 2016, I had been hand washing my laundry and desperately wanted a washing machine, but I was able to finally get one in May! I’ve also been able to acquire more furniture for my home – two sofas, a desk and a bed for my guest room. My laptop of almost 10 years was sorely due for a replacement, and I was able to purchase a new one in October! My car had been giving me issues since the end of 2017, but before the end of 2018, I was able to purchase another car (pic below), and I sold my previous car shortly after the start of the new year! Thank you to those who specifically gave to help meet these needs!

My new ride!

For Christmas, my parents gifted me with a plane ticket to visit my favorite uncle, aunt and cousin in Singapore! This was definitely one of the best Christmas gifts I’ve ever received! I hadn’t seen these relatives in over 10 years, so we were so happy to see each other! I had been feeling homesick towards the end of last year, so it was so wonderful to be with family over the holidays.

My Uncle Pete, Auntie Lala and cousin Ian welcoming me at the airport!

May I take this time to say THANK YOU to all of my supporters for another year of amazing support! Please know that you have absolutely played a part in everything God has done through my ministry in Botswana, through your encouragement, your prayers and your financial gifts. Please know that the investment of your time and money has been sown in good ground and only heaven will reveal the impact of the support you have given. I truly cannot thank you enough, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  • Pray for wisdom, direction, favor for my ministry in 2019 as I walk out in new roles and responsibilities. Besides helping to lead the youth ministry at our main church branch in Francistown, I will also be helping to establish and oversee the youth ministries at all our branch churches. This will include monthly visits to our 4 branches in Botswana (Matshelagabedi, Tati Siding, Selebi-Phikwe, Gaborone) and our branch in Ndola, Zambia. I’m very excited about connecting with all of the youth within our entire ministry!
  • My residence permit is due to expire again this September. Please pray as I apply for renewal this year that it is a smooth process and I have divine, supernatural favor to have my renewal application approved.


Some of you have asked if you can send me a care package and what kind of things you can send. Of course I would love to receive care packages, and thank you to those of you who have offered! Here is a list of items I would love to receive in a care package:

  • Pens & journals/notebooks (I journal almost daily and do lots of writing.)
  • Books or digital books, as I have a Kindle (devotionals, personal/spiritual growth, ministry, leadership, any good recreational reading recommendations)
  • Dental floss
  • Movies (DVDs or digital)
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Kettle Chips
  • Personal handwritten cards, notes, letters

If you plan to send a care package, please get in touch with me first so I can give you more info on the best way to send me a care package.

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